Sportives and audaxes

Sportives are like sociable, amateur timed events of various levels of difficulty. (the ones we support are very varied and non-competitive) and often raise funds for charity. Audaxes are events (not races), with the primary objective to ‘get round’. There are some time limits, but Self-sufficiency is the key. Your ‘brevet card’ is stamped at intermediate checkpoints and at the finish, and serves as a certificate of their achievement. These are some of our recommendations. Please share your favourite events on our Facebook page so we can ride together and represent our fantastic club.

28th April: Paris in the Spring: 2018 starts from Wadsley 106km.

2rd June: Fast and Flat Sportive

Friday 4th May: Tour De Yorkshire comes to Barnsley, watch this space for any club related activities.

12th May: Lincoln Grand Prix

12th May: Peaks and Troughs Audax

5th August: Yorkshire Lasses Annual Charity Sportive

September 2018: Ladies of the Lake and Grindleford Goat – details to follow when published

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